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Ronni Morgan. DIgital artist

Photo of Club Bionic Artist, Ronni Morgan

They say having hobbies is important, so I decided to pick up an iPad, download Procreate and learn how to make cool shit. That led to the creation of my creatures with human disabilities. I busted those out so fast I needed to take a breather and decide what I wanted to draw next.

I took a long break. I felt stuck and a bit uninspired, so I gave myself permission to step back, dabble with other artistic mediums I love, like singing and playing the piano.

I don't know anyone who doesn't need a breather right now. Life is relentless. I wanted to create things that made people smile, chuckle, and feel seen. That's why I do this -- because not only is it fun for me to create random things, but because it's thrilling to make other people happy, if only for a moment.

Stickers and magnets are awesome because you can relive that little bit of joy every time you walk by your fridge, or grab your water bottle (or wherever you choose to stick your stickies).

So, I'm Ronni - Queer, disabled, weirder than the average, and out to have an enjoyable and positively impactful life.

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